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"Personal Training" Reviews (Google / Yelp)

...I was able to utilize one of the best trainers I have ever worked with and this company is always looking for new and fun ways to improve itself. I very much appreciate how attentive the management and staff are. For a small company always trying to improve themselves by going to conventions, seminars or training workshops, you really can't beat it. Good price, Better quality.

Erin H.Yelp

I wanted to lose weight since stopping working. I came across this place, and saw the free trial. Instead my husband and I just went ahead and signed up. Working out there is comfortable. Being a big lady I'm used to being the joke, but here... I don't get that. The staff is fabulous, when I inquired about things their first question has always been "what's your goal". Never assuming. Being helpful.

Anderson FallsGoogle

I started at Bellingham Fitness with the idea that I could just exercise and lose a ton of weight. Which is true - except I was able to do it a lot faster after talking with my personal trainer. What a difference! This is a family owned, friendly, clean and fun environment for exercising. I can't believe I used the word "fun" in relation to "exercise" but they have managed it...

Todd HuishGoogle

...There is a lot of well maintained equipment and the trainers are great. I did the semi-private training as part of a free trial and thought it was just as helpful as one-on-one training I did a few years ago.

Amanda T.Yelp

I joined Bellingham Fitness in the summer of 2011 to get ready for my wedding. I was able to set up an appointment with a trainer who was wonderful and helped me understand which exercises and classes would be best to attain my goals...

Ashley H.Yelp

B-Fit Trainers Voted "Best In The Northwest" 7 Years In a Row!

Why have Bellingham Fitness TRAINERS been voted “Best of the Northwest” 7 years in a row?!

We only hire trainers that are friendly and passionate about helping people get to their goals no matter if it’s the clients first day at a gym or an elite athlete. No matter what the individual trainer’s background or national certifications, Bellingham Fitness requires/offers/does continuing education for all their trainers and has a standardized level of performance all our trainers must meet and exceed so the clients get a consistently superior experience.  Believe it or not, we are the exception in the industry.

Why is the Bellingham Fitness TRAINING PROGRAM the best in the country (and exclusive to us in Whatcom County)?

We hired Mike Boyle/ Thrive for several years to install their program and teach our trainers how they train their clients who are professional athletes, Olympians and the majority of the rest of us…the overweight/ deconditioned market. Mike Boyle’s program was rated by Men’s Health Magazine as the #1 training program in the country….and we wanted the best for our members.

Why is our Personal Training the BEST VALUE in Whatcom County?

Our clients get the best quality of training at the best price. Small Group training (1-5 clients) offers individualized program designs and a full hour of personalized attention for only $29-35/hour of training.  Our quality of training in other parts of the country can be $100+/ 50 minutes.

Who is a typical client in our training department?

Our functional training program was originally designed for professional athletes to get into shape quickly and without injury, but the majority of our clients haven’t been in shape for years if ever….many are seniors with goals of improving their balance, stamina and strength. Most start with a trainer from day one so they can learn how to work out properly….learning how to get results quickly without hurting themselves. Some will stay with a trainer ongoing for motivation and accountability, but most will get to their goal with their trainer and then take what they’ve learned and use it to stay in shape the rest of their lives.

Can I try the program for free to see if I like it?

Yes, you can click here to download a complimentary one hour orientation with a trainer. You can share with the trainer what your goals and challenges are, have a 30 minute sample workout to feel the positive effects on your body right away and a time to ask questions and design a plan if you have an interest.  This is a time to see if hiring a trainer is right for you. Members who hire a trainer generally rant and rave about it love it, but if it’s not for you, remember we have free classes and training on our 30 minute circuit that we’d be happy to help you with.

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