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Zero Cases of Covid Traced to Bellingham Fitness

Covid-19 Update: 


After visiting with different government offices and our Washington Fitness Alliance, we’ve put together a plan and we’ll continue to go above and beyond the guidelines for the safety and comfort of all.

Bellingham Fitness is open to indoor and outdoor exercise. We’re very fortunate to have a huge outdoor space, most of which is covered from the weather! (Pre-build out photo attached.)

Bellingham Fitness has always gone above and beyond the Governor’s guidelines and like many clubs across the country, we’ve had ZERO cases traced to our club. We will continue to try and provide you with data based articles on our website and Facebook.


Updates to safety protocols:

  1. Masks must be worn indoors. 
  1. We will no longer be doing temperature checks. 


Our other existing safety protocols will remain in effect: Hand sanitizers, equipment cleaned before and after each use with the personal bottle and towel provided, distancing and size limitations. Staff will also be cleaning and disinfecting with our electrostatic sprayer.

Everything is detailed at the club so it’s easy to follow.

Video outlines safety protocols (masks are optional for those who are fully vaccinated):

Some specifics as of 6/1/21:

-Temporary gym hours:

Mon-Fri: 5am to 10pm

Sat-Sun: 7am to 7pm

Group Fitness Classes: Open

Tanning: Open

Locker Room & Showers: Open

-SPA: Open

-Kids’ Club: Closed during remodel

-Pickleball Courts: Grand Opening Coming Soon

-PURstudios: Grand Opening Coming. 

It was so nice to be able to reopen and see everyone working out again and be able to offer a newly remodeled club. 

We will continue to follow our club motto of “Constant and Never Ending Improvement” but we cannot do it without your continued support. As a local family business, we THANK each and every member who has continued to support Bellingham Fitness as we get through this together! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to tour the expansion that is in the works.


Together we will build something great for all to enjoy for years to come.


The Bellingham Fitness Family

We’re proud of how hard the staff has been working.

Follow the science, create a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, follow the data, and test your assumptions.

How many outbreaks tracked to fitness? Zero

Washington Fitness Alliance is responding to the Governor’s announcement today on our behalf:

Washington Fitness Alliance.

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