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COVID – 19

By 03/15/2020July 14th, 2020Past Member Update

Dear Bellingham Fitness Family,

We’d like to start this post by thanking all the staff and members for being so diligent in cleaning.

We know that for many of you, the gym is a great source of stress relief and helps in keeping your immune system strong….the gym is remaining open but with added precautions to help protect our higher risk population.

The following items have been added since our last post:

*All closures will be until further notice and will be evaluated weekly. We’ll post any updates to our facebook page on the weekend so you can plan your week.

– All classes in the group fitness room are cancelled effective Monday March 16th until further notice.

(The training camp/ 6 week challengers is not cancelled because this is a small group)

-The spa (steam room, hot tub, dry sauna) is closed until further notice. We’re going to use this time to paint the hot tub, do repairs and deep clean.

-We will keep the kids’ club open as parents adjust to their new schedules but will be monitoring the children even more closely.

-We’re going to label the cardio equipment so only every other one is available to create distance.

-We’ve started “fogging” all areas with a virucide: equipment, flooring, kids’ club….but we need you to continue to clean your equipment before and after each use.

Please continue with the following:

-DO NOT enter the gym if you are sick

-Wipe your equipment before/ after each use

-Wash your hands for 20+ seconds

Use hand sanitizer before entering the gym and leaving

*Air purifiers are constantly running in both locker rooms and our HVAC always brings in filtered fresh air. Lockers are cleaned and sprayed with Lysol throughout the day.

Much like the challenges you place on yourself during your workouts…we will be a stronger community after going through this challenge together. Thank you for all your support! -Todd and Scott

For a Stronger Immunity: Natural Ways To Boost The Immune System

– Reduce Your Stress Levels. …

– Moderate Your Alcohol Intake. …

– Eat More Vegetables. …

– Exercise…

– Get Sufficient Sleep.

Updates will be posted on our Bellingham Fitness facebook page.

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