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Past Member Update


Dear Bellingham Fitness Members/ Team, 

For the past 17 years Bellingham Fitness has been trusted to provide our members with an inspiring and safe environment to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Never before have we been faced with a challenge as we are now.

We understand your concerns surrounding membership dues during our temporary mandated closure. 

We pray that our members will choose to support our business to ensure we are able to continue once we are cleared to reopen our doors. There are many expenses that are not paused despite the mandatory shut down and we want to support our staff and ensure everyone’s employment when we reopen. 

For those that are able to support us by continuing to pay your membership dues during this crisis, we will provide you with free access to our new sister business, PURstudios, that is scheduled to open in the fall for as many days as we’re currently closed.  You’ll have unlimited access to our 3 new studios (PURcycle, PURbarre and PURyoga) and our 3 new indoor pickleball courts. We also would like to give you a free session in PURtraining when our trainers move to their new space. If you can support us, there is no need to contact us. You’re dues will continue and you’ll automatically get access when PURstudios grand opens. 

For those that are not able to support us at this time, we have offered the opportunity to freeze your membership, understanding that many of our members are also experiencing hardship due to the pandemic. 

Our own team will be posting workouts and we’ve also partnered with Les Mills so you can stream, for free, 95 workouts in 8 different categories.  We know it’s not the same as working out at the gym but please take advantage of it. It’s free to you, you don’t need to subscribe (just click on ,the video you want) and it will be available as long as we are closed. Just use the following link:

Even though we’re closed, the staff has been working extremely hard on sanitizing the club and helping in the remodel of the locker rooms.  Our plan is to be done before we reopen. We’re excited to welcome the members back to a clean club with many improvements like a painted hot tub and remodeled locker rooms… 

I was reminded today by one of our instructors that, “This too shall pass”.  

Stay well and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Scott, Todd and the Bellingham Fitness Family

At Home Free Workouts

Hello Bellingham Fitness family,

We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy.

If you can’t make it to our club right now due to the Coronavirus, here is a free option to help keep you active and working out at home.


This platform offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. All the workouts are in English but you should find it easy to follow the visual cues. We promise it won’t automatically collect your data and it will remain available as long as the disruption from Coronavirus continues.

Please let us know if you have any questions or any feedback about the workouts.

From the team at Bellingham Fitness.

Member Notice

Dear Bellingham Fitness Members, 3/16/20

Our governor has closed all restaurants and recreational facilities from midnight of March 17th thru March 31st   (2 weeks) to prevent the spread of the virus.  As a small, local business our family have visited with many of our staff and members about the best course of action to take during this crisis. 

Our club motto is Constant and Never Ending Improvement, so the question became how can we take a negative and make something positive out of it?  

The conclusion of our conversations is that the ultimate goal would be three things: 

  1. Offer a way for our members to keep working out at home to keep the stress down and their immunity up while the club is closed.

We’ve partnered with Les Mills so you can stream for free 95 workouts in 8 different categories.  We know it’s not the same as working out at the gym but please take advantage of it. It’s free to you, you don’t need to subscribe (just click on the video you want) and it will be available as long as we are closed. Just use the following link:

  1. Not only stay in business but be a better/ safer place to be when we reopen.

We’re going to use this closure as a time to deep clean/ sanitize the club, do repairs and improvements. We’re already creating a list of things we would like to accomplish some of which are dependent on scheduling some trades people last minute. Things like painting the hot tub…

  1. With over 40 employees we have a great staff and want them to be here when we reopen but their dependent on a paycheck and we are committed to being able to pay them during this time.

These are challenging times, but like we see in other communities where tragedy has struck…if we stick together and help each other, we will be a stronger/ better community for it. And we will be!

Wishing you and yours the best of health!

Todd, Scott and the Bellingham Fitness Family. 

*We will post any changes to the Bellingham Fitness Facebook page first. 

COVID – 19

Dear Bellingham Fitness Family,

We’d like to start this post by thanking all the staff and members for being so diligent in cleaning.

We know that for many of you, the gym is a great source of stress relief and helps in keeping your immune system strong….the gym is remaining open but with added precautions to help protect our higher risk population.

The following items have been added since our last post:

*All closures will be until further notice and will be evaluated weekly. We’ll post any updates to our facebook page on the weekend so you can plan your week.

– All classes in the group fitness room are cancelled effective Monday March 16th until further notice.

(The training camp/ 6 week challengers is not cancelled because this is a small group)

-The spa (steam room, hot tub, dry sauna) is closed until further notice. We’re going to use this time to paint the hot tub, do repairs and deep clean.

-We will keep the kids’ club open as parents adjust to their new schedules but will be monitoring the children even more closely.

-We’re going to label the cardio equipment so only every other one is available to create distance.

-We’ve started “fogging” all areas with a virucide: equipment, flooring, kids’ club….but we need you to continue to clean your equipment before and after each use.

Please continue with the following:

-DO NOT enter the gym if you are sick

-Wipe your equipment before/ after each use

-Wash your hands for 20+ seconds

Use hand sanitizer before entering the gym and leaving

*Air purifiers are constantly running in both locker rooms and our HVAC always brings in filtered fresh air. Lockers are cleaned and sprayed with Lysol throughout the day.

Much like the challenges you place on yourself during your workouts…we will be a stronger community after going through this challenge together. Thank you for all your support! -Todd and Scott

For a Stronger Immunity: Natural Ways To Boost The Immune System

– Reduce Your Stress Levels. …

– Moderate Your Alcohol Intake. …

– Eat More Vegetables. …

– Exercise…

– Get Sufficient Sleep.

Updates will be posted on our Bellingham Fitness facebook page.