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"Boot Camp" Reviews (Google / Yelp Reviews)

...I started out doing the Bootcamp classes, I Loved them... The prices aren't bad for the bootcamp either it's 5$ a class.

Angel S. Yelp

Answers To Boot Camp Questions

What’s the appeal of Boot Camp?

Our boot camp is designed to torch calories and build strength, endurance and agility to conquer your daily routine. You can usually expect to burn between 500 to 600 calories per the hour. By doing high intensity intervals of strength training, mixed with bursts of cardio, gives you a total body workout. The other benefits are Confidence, Camaraderie and the support of the instructor to get more out of you than you would on your own. Once you finish your first class, clothes drenched in sweat, heart pounding and muscles fatigued, you’ll get that burst of energy and confidence that builds on self-esteem.

Is Boot Camp for all fitness levels?

No.  Our complimentary fitness evaluation for new members will determine the best options for you. Unlike our Personal Training which is adapted to all fitness levels, boot camp is a small group setting for those who are in at least moderately good shape. If you are older than age 40, are pregnant, haven’t exercised for some time or have certain health conditions, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a boot camp class or any new exercise program. It’s also important to let your instructor know if you have health issues or special needs. And be sure to tell your instructor if you have difficulty with a particular exercise. If the movements in the class are new to you, take it slower at first to ensure that the way you are moving is correct. Stop if you get fatigued or tired to the point where your technique breaks down.  Our skilled instructors are attentive to proper form and technique and can adapt exercises for you.

Cost/ Investment

Unlimited Boot Camp is as low as $39 every 2 weeks.  Literally the best value for boot camp in town.

Days/ Times

Every Mon/ Wed/ Fri at 7am and 5:30pm.

This allows days off for rest or extra cardio depending on your goals and fitness levels.

Boot Camp Instructor

Taught by our own Lenny Olson who has been voted Best Personal Trainer (Best of the Northwest) several years in a row.

Can I try Boot Camp for free?

Yes! Please click HERE for a free week of Boot Camp.

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